Sam Bee Slams Trump on Billy Bush Tape, Second Debate Performance

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Sam Bee Slams Trump on Billy Bush Tape, Second Debate Performance

Samantha Bee is a comedian, sure, but she’s also angry. Recapping Sunday night’s debate, Bee unleashed her frustrations, and you’ll never guess who most of them revolved around.

“And so America, already heartbroken and spattered with sleaze, dragged itself to the second debate between a well-prepared if uninspiring public servant and a crotch-fondling slab of rancid meatloaf,” said Bee. “Moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz gamely carried on as if this whole evening weren’t completely insane, because as we all know, presidential debates typically feature one candidate threatening to jail his opponent, then stalking her around the stage like he’s Leatherface, and finally fornicating with a chair.”

The tape of Trump making lewd comments about women hung over the debate, even as Trump tried to dismiss his comments as “locker room talk.” Bee, like everyone else, wasn’t exactly satisfied with that explanation.

“Oh, that thing I still have nightmares about was just locker room talk and not sexual assault? Woo! Goodbye, PTSD!” Bee said. “Also, you weren’t in a locker room, you sleazy pair of sweat socks—you were at work!”

Bee also took a moment to compare the two candidates’ tactics to answering the questions. “Hillary thought she was at a debate, but Trump was at a Trump rally,” Bee explained. “So while she reached out to the audience with facts and sentences that followed the basic rules of grammar and syntax, Trump spent 90 minutes outgassing a noxious word cloud of aggression and disjointed nonsense he found on Reddit.”

Watch the full clip above to see Sam Bee in her full righteous fury.

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