The Final Edit of Seinfeld and Twin Peaks Mashup Seinfeld: The Return Is Now on YouTube

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The Final Edit of Seinfeld and Twin Peaks Mashup Seinfeld: The Return Is Now on YouTube

Last month we told you about Seinfeld: The Return, a genius bit of internet nonsense from Esquire writer and video editor Dom Nero. Well, Nero has finally finished his great work. Seinfeld: The Return, a mashup of the ‘90s sitcom and 2017’s Twin Peaks: The Return that Nero originally released as a series of short clips on Twitter, is now an 11 minute YouTube short. It’s as amazing as it ever was, and even if you’ve seen the individual clips, you should probably go watch the full video right now.

Nero didn’t get lazy with this. He didn’t just jam all those separate Twitter videos into a single file and call it a day. He’s added new footage, reedited some of the previous clips, and tweaked some of the audio design, and the result is a better paced and more fleshed out version of the concept. Twitter housed the rough draft, but YouTube holds the finished version. It has all of the tricks those earlier videos led us to expect from Nero, combining footage from Seinfeld and a variety of other sources with many of David Lynch’s patented stylistic choices. You can hear it in the slowed-down bass licks of Seinfeld’s theme, the patented driving-at-night shot that repeats throughout Lynch’s oeuvre, and the stilted editing and other-worldly ambiance of the Black Lodge scenes. Only here the Black Lodge is the Merv Griffin Show set in Kramer’s apartment.

As before, that clip of a long-haired Jason Alexander from Criminal Minds does a lot of the heavy lifting—George becomes the show’s Cooper surrogate, the man trapped in the other place and whose earthly form has been possessed by the demonic spirit BOB. That image of a smug Alexander with long, white locks is so ridiculous on its own that Nero almost didn’t need to do anything else. Fortunately, he did; the video’s real strength is in Nero’s brilliant editing, and his ability to capture the tone and atmosphere of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s show.

Check out the full video below. And if you don’t already, go follow Dom Nero on Twitter.

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