Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Have One Question about the Billionaire Space Race: “Really!?!”

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Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Have One Question about the Billionaire Space Race: “Really!?!”

I don’t even know how time works anymore. Last night on Late Night Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler revived their old “Really!?!1?” bit from SNL, and I just realized I no longer any idea what years the two actually co-hosted Weekend Update together. It feels like it should’ve been about five years ago but I’m guessing it was probably more like 15? If she left for Parks & Rec, that would’ve been 2009, which feels like it was simultaneously last year and three decades ago. So that would date their “Really” schtick to… uh… the Reagan Administration? The Bush era? The other Bush era? I have no idea. It’s all just mush now.

It doesn’t matter when they used to do it. What matters is they did it again, last night, on Meyers’ talk show, and specifically about the absurd space race between our world’s least responsible billionaires—yes, the least responsible of the least responsible. If anything can unite us all in incredulous rage and/or rageful disbelief, it’s the richest of the rich trying to fuck off to space while the rest of us sit around waiting to slowly drown or burn to death. There’s probably not a lot of crossover between what normal schmucks like you and I go through on a daily basis and the rarified big city lives of millionaires like Poehler and Meyers, but we can all still agree that megabillionaires getting federal aid to live out their boyhood astronaut dreams is some bullshit.

Whether you want to relive the glory days of… was it the late ‘90s? The early ‘10s? When the hell did they do this stuff, anyway? Or if you just want to see well-roasted nincompoops like Bezos and Branson get roasted some more, check out the clip below.

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