The Best Tweets of the Week

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The Best Tweets of the Week

This was a good week for tweets, and a bad week for literally everything else. That’s not a surprise, of course—it’s just what life is like in 2020, the year so nice we’ve let the first wave of a deadly pandemic spike twice.

This week saw continued revelations of systemic sexual misconduct in basically every industry. It saw Trump’s first pandemic-era rally—a truly insane gambit by a man who should’ve been yanked out of office before he even ever got there—ruined by K-pop fans. It saw COVID continue to explode across the country, in the wake of everybody apparently deciding to just stop giving a shit about it. It also saw Chuck E. Cheese declare bankruptcy. It was a week full of stuff to tweet about, and these tweeters below certainly did that. Here are the best and funniest of those tweets, unfortunately with only one deep dive reference to WKRP in Cincinnati this week.

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