The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Twitter is a wonderful place when it isn’t being utilized by Nazis, trolls, right wing activists, or anti-vaxers. For me, oddly, it’s become my ideal place to learn about the death of a celebrity or public figure. Suddenly your feed, by and large, becomes a tiny wake. Fans share stories you never heard before alongside clips of great moments in the person’s life. This past week on Twitter I learned about the passing of Russi Taylor, a legendary voice actor who was the longtime voice of Minnie Mouse and is probably best known to Paste Comedy fans for her work on The Simpsons. As the voice of Martin Prince, Taylor brought soul to one of the show’s best side characters. Even as a fan, I never took the time to learn who voiced that character this week. But when she passed, I’m grateful I’ve cultivated the sort of Twitter feed where I got the news, even if I didn’t know I cared about it until right then.

Rest in peace Russi Taylor. Here are the funniest Tweets of the week.

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