The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Rest in power to Wilfred Brimley, who went out with the greatest last tweet of all time.

More happened last week than the death of a beloved actor who was curiously never as old as you thought he was until he was exactly as old as you thought he was, but do we really need to go into it? The president’s an idiot who gave an embarrassing interview and then mispronounced both Yosemite and Thailand in unintentionally hilarious ways. The pandemic continues to rage virtually unchecked through America due to our own selfishness, stupidity and incompetence. Sports and school are back and nobody really knows why. Yeah, things ain’t great, still.

It’s a bad time all around, but an okay time to look at a list of potentially funny tweets. I mean, if there’s ever actually an okay time to do that, it might as well be right now. Right? Look, I’m just trying to make it to the weekend, here—even if the weekend is no longer a meaningful concept when you never leave the home that has also been your office for the last five months.

Read some tweets. Or don’t. But either way you should follow all the people who wrote them. That’s the least you could do.

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