Mark Millar & Olivier Coipel’s Netflix Comic Book The Magic Order Gets First Trailer

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Mark Millar & Olivier Coipel’s Netflix Comic Book The Magic Order Gets First Trailer

Last year, Netflix made its first acquisition with Millarworld and now, Mark Millar’s previously revealed first title under the deal, The Magic Order, has received its first trailer. Millar penned the six-part story while Olivier Coipel (The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers) provided art. It’ll be published by Millar’s frequent home Image Comics and made available at comic book retail shops and other book-selling retailers, as well as digitally.

Hard fantasy seems like a perfect fit for Millar, as his books usually lean towards being both gritty and dark—for better or for worse. In The Magic Order’s quasi-realistic world, wizards and sorcerers live amongst us, only revealing themselves at night when they keep the mystical forces of evil at bay. There is a reason the average human has never seen a monster and the book’s five mob-like magic families are that reason—these magicians are sworn to hunt evil and protect the world. Yet, there is someone (or something) hunting them down and killing them off, one by one. Netflix describes it as “magic meets the mob.” The trailer sets the grim tone and introduces us to a world of (literal) magical realism, with Coipel’s art on full display.

Netflix, the streaming conglomerate, is no stranger to churning out series after series but, until now, they have all been televisual. Now, Netflix has produced a comic book that will get a physical release and have the Netflix name on it, an unprecedented move for the streaming service. The Magic Order will also be available digitally, but it is not yet known if Netflix will provide options beyond traditional comic download services like Comixology. Will we be able to fire up Netflix and choose to read The Magic Order like we’d choose any other show or movie to watch?

We’ll have to wait and find out, as The Magic Order issue one releases on June 13. It will be available at local comic book stores and other retail outlets, and is now available for preorder.

This is but the first release from Netflix’s Millarworld acquisition, as the streaming service plans to make movies, series and kids shows based off of Millar’s deep and varied catalogue of creations.

Watch the trailer for The Magic Order below.

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