It’s Frank Grillo vs. Mel Gibson in Time-Looping Action Trailer for Hulu’s Boss Level

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It’s Frank Grillo vs. Mel Gibson in Time-Looping Action Trailer for Hulu’s Boss Level

The Groundhog Day genre has really become its own self-sustaining niche in recent years, hasn’t it? From Edge of Tomorrow to Happy Death Day and Palm Springs, we’ve all grown quite accustomed to the “trapped in a time loop where I repeat days/deaths” motif. One might argue that there’s not really much to add at this point, but Boss Level begs to differ—you could do it with more explosions and decapitations!

Boss Level is an upcoming feature film starring Frank Grillo (likely best known for the second tier MCU role of Crossbones) as a man who doesn’t understand why he’s trapped in a time loop, being hunted every day by teams of kooky, highly skilled assassins. He does know that said assassins are being sent by a diabolical villain played by Mel Gibson, however, and so he must quest to finally reach the “boss level” and save the love interest played by Naomi Watts, while receiving assistance from Michelle Yeoh. Pretty standard action movie boilerplate here. The film hits Hulu on March 5, 2021, and mostly distinguishes itself for the bonkers trailer you can see below.

Boss Level does have some pedigree behind it, though. It’s directed by Joe Carnahan, known for well-liked action films like Smokin’ Aces and The Grey. On the other hand, it has had something of a complicated production and release history, having been shot in 2018 and missing several intended release dates. It was acquired in 2018 by smaller indie Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures, which skipped its intended 2019 release date and eventually dropped the film in June of 2020 following more anti-Semitism allegations against Mel Gibson. Hulu apparently had no problem then picking up the pieces, and will now give the film its March release.

If nothing else, Boss Level does look like some dumb fun, although it may be of the “this is wearing thin” variety. Check out the full trailer below.

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