Chicago Is Hosting “Ferris Fest” to Honor the King of Rule Breaking, Ferris Bueller

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If you can believe it, it’s been 30 years since the release of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the timeless film about the idyllic shenanigans of a trio of school-skipping young adults.

Chicago, the city this John Hughs teenage dream is based in, plans to celebrate that anniversary with a smashing parade, because what better way?

From May 20-22, Chicago will hold Ferris Fest, a movie-themed three-day long event full of surprises. For $300 dollars you can have all-weekend access to the event honoring our favorite delinquent. Individual tickets for Saturday and Sunday are $175 each.

The festival will feature a movie screening hosted by film critic Richard Roeper on May 21 at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater in Lake Forest. After watching, attendees will be privy to a question and answer session with Ferris’ parents Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward, and Jonathan Schmock, the French maître d’. There will also be various movie-related events, a chance to see a recreated replica of Ferris’ room, and two-day, two-part bus tours taking passengers to the movie’s major filming locations around the city.

One of the bigger attractions will be the planned recreation of the parade featured in the 1986 film. During the big scene, Matthew Broderick’s Bueller takes over a float and proceeds to lip-sync to the enjoyment of the parade attendees and every Chicago citizen watching on their home TVs. If you weren’t there for the original filming (like most of us) now is the time to recapture that thrill and live out your teenage dream.

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