Director Stacie Passon’s Favorite Movies of 2013

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In the lead-up to the unveiling of our definitive Top 50 Films of 2013 list, we’ve asked some friends of Paste to tell us their favorites of the year. Tune in for a different list each day. Today’s contributor is Stacie Passon, who was #5 on our Best New Filmmakers of 2013 for her thrilling debut Concussion (pictured).

1. It Felt Like Love
I’m not a jealous person. I swear. But Eliza Hittman’s sad, longing movie is a combination of Looking for Mr. Goodbar and Judy Blume’s Forever and it makes me want to bite off my arm. And that’s all I have to say about that.

2. Wadjda
Haifaa Al Mansoor, what you have done will live, not because it’s the first, but because it’s the best. Thank you for giving me and my kids something to love.

3. Social Butterfly
Lauren Wolkstein. Learn her name. Smart, savvy, visually deft, influential – this short is rooted in a deep and unique sense of place.

4. 12 Years A Slave
Very early in the film, Chiwetel Ejiofor, as Soloman Northrup, thanks his child for the music he plays at bedtime before blowing out the candle. That’s Steve McQueen saying this is me, this is us. I won’t pontificate about what the what because you’ll get what you get. But I got a lot. Also 12 contains the best acting moment of the year — Alfre Woodard’s fluid, effortless phraseology with pinkies up, no less.

5, 6, 7. After Tiller, The Gatekeepers, Gideon’s Army
They gave me a sense that we are moving forward culturally.

8. Pit Stop
Oh, Yen Tan, you are so charming and your film warms every cockle. This is a lonelyhearts movie for the ages.

9. Blue Jasmine
Allen does Williams and it wouldn’t work without Cate. “Tip big, boys.”

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