New Jurassic World Dominion Trailer Promises “Biggest Carnivore This World Has Ever Seen”

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New Jurassic World Dominion Trailer Promises “Biggest Carnivore This World Has Ever Seen”

Although it’s rather hard to accept that any successful entry in a massive franchise like Jurassic Park/World could ever truly be the “final” one at this point, we must admit that the Jurassic World trilogy does appear to be going out with a bang in the long-delayed Jurassic World Dominion. Judging from the just-released new trailer, Universal and director Colin Trevorrow are truly pulling out all the stops, unleashing a CGI-laden action spectacular this June unlike anything we’ve seen in the franchise before. Or, to quote the most recent synopsis:

Dominion takes place four years after Isla Nublar has been destroyed. Dinosaurs now live—and hunt—alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether human beings are to remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history’s most fearsome creatures.

Setting aside the massive scientific and logical improbabilities of a handful of dinosaurs somehow being able to completely spread themselves across the globe and establish huge breeding populations in only a few years, the setting of Dominion truly is a sandbox for action movie creativity. All of the action of previous films had always been largely confined to the islands, or director J.A. Bayona’s spooky raptor mansion. Dominion, on the other hand, has entirely new breeds of dinosaurs running amok in every conceivable biome. In this trailer alone, you’ve got swimming feathered raptors, mosasaurs destroying fishing boats, and some new creature that a returning Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) describes as “the biggest carnivore this world has ever seen.” It’s no wonder Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) wonders aloud if “the doomsday clock might be about out of time.” I for one can’t wait to see what kind of absolutely batshit scenario they’ve envisioned where all the militaries of the world are threatening to be toppled by rogue dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park Dominion is coming soon, with a June 10, 2022 release date after years of COVID-19 delays. Check out the most recent new footage below.

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