Netflix Users Watch 165 Million Hours Per Day, Study Says

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Netflix Users Watch 165 Million Hours Per Day, Study Says

You may have spent five hours binging the newest Netflix original something-or-other today, but if putting that into a global perspective makes you feel any better, you only accounted for about .00000003% of the world’s watch time for the day. A drop in the bucket—no big deal!

Yes, according to a new Streaming Observer study, the world spends a collective 164.8 million hours each day watching Netflix. That’s 18,812 years worth of TV and movies streamed every 24 hours, just on the one service. The average user, of which Netflix has 139,259,000, watches an hour and 11 minutes of content per day.

The streaming giant’s servers have to churn through roughly 494.4 million GB of bandwidth a day to keep up with the traffic, accounting for about 15% of the world’s entire bandwidth capacity. The number could be thrice that, if not for Netflix’s compression algorithms. Speaking of which, you nerds are in luck: The company actually maintains a very in-depth tech blog, where they post at length about the nifty tools that power their platform.

Although this all may make Netflix seem like the most popular thing in the world, keep in mind that it’s not even one of the top 20 most popular overall websites, and it just barely ousts fellow content-streaming services Twitch and Pornhub. YouTube runs away with the traffic as far as video goes—it’s the second biggest website in the world.

If you’re wondering how you can best spend your daily hour and eleven minutes of Netflix, check out Paste’s picks for the best TV shows and movies the site currently has to offer.

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