St. Vincent’s Self-Referential Sundance Movie The Nowhere Inn Drops First Trailer

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Annie Clark and Carrie Brownstein know a thing or two about a rock star persona. It only makes sense for St. Vincent and the Sleater-Kinney co-founder to team up for a buddy comedy/meta rock-doc. Now, that said, the first trailer for The Nowhere Inn, which had its premiere earlier this year at Sundance, doesn’t give off mockumentary vibes. There’s a distinction, you see. Too many blurred lines between personae (and friends) in this.

Helmed by Portlandia staple Bill Benz in his directorial debut and co-written by stars Clark and Brownstein (playing versions of themselves), The Nowhere Inn looks like a flashy, nutty little nightmare about perception and artistry.

Check it out:

Hard to dislike a trailer where Dakota Johnson just shows up in lingerie to make Brownstein uncomfortable. Couple that with the film’s obvious Lynchian ambitions and its fuzzy wall of score (from St. Vincent), and the movie looks to poke and prod us and tickle us until we’re uncomfortable as well. But perhaps we’ll have gleaned at least a little insight into its creators’ minds along the way.

The Nowhere Inn hits theaters and VOD on September 17.