Watch the Disturbing Trailer for The Transfiguration

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Watch the Disturbing Trailer for The Transfiguration

“Have you been hurting any animals?” This question opens up the quietly disturbing trailer for The Transfiguration, a vampire-inspired flick that screened at Cannes and will make its North American debut at SXSW later this month.

The film centers on Milo, a young kid obsessed with vampirism and his girlfriend Sophie, whose presence in his life begins to blur his reality. He seems to not only believe in vampires, but believe that he is one, as the trailer becomes increasingly blood-drenched. Milo is played by Eric Ruffin, who’s had a few appearances in things like 30 Rock and The Good Wife. Sophie is played by Chloe Levine, most known for the criminally under-seen The OA on Netflix.

The Transfiguration screens at SXSW later this month and will see a limited release in Los Angeles and New York in April. Depending on how it does at the festival, we could be seeing a wider release later this year. Honestly, it seems destined for Amazon Prime.

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