Watch David Duchovny Perform Live at Paste Studio

His second album, Every Third Thought, arrives Feb. 9.

Music Video David Duchovny
Watch David Duchovny Perform Live at Paste Studio

In some ways, David Duchovny’s music sounds just the way you might expect: that famous hang-dog, half-melancholic voice over a melodic alt-rock base with literate lyrics and a certain ‘70s aesthetic. His debut album, 2015’s Hell or High Water, mixed crackling roots guitars with gentler folk. On his new sophomore outing, Every Third Thought, the X-Files vet goes a little proggier, with electronic elements swimming around and through a singer-songwriter set-up, hints of Elvis Costello’s pop and Stereophonics’ celestial tones poking around here and there. Lead single “Half Life” opens with a feedback squawk and settles into a folk jam with an ELO-style chorus. “Unconditional love decays / only fossilized hearts can break,” he sings.

As always, Duchovny sounds unhurried in his delivery, a guy with plenty of perspective and enough time to stretch out and tell you a couple things he’s learned along the way. But he’s actually got a busy 2018 ahead. Besides Every Third Thought, which arrives Feb. 9, Duchovny is reprising his role as Fox Mulder on The X-Files, releasing his third book, Miss Subways, in May, and hitting the road for dates Australia and New Zealand, with more to come.

Watch David Duchovny perform LIVE at Paste Studio Monday at 4 p.m. EST

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