Caleb McCoy

For fans of:John Givez, Reach Records, Kanye West

Are you One of a Kind? With so many musicians and lyricists these days, it is difficult for any artist to standout among the masses. Caleb McCoy realizes this, and continues to work hard on creating a sound that demands to be heard. Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts,

Caleb started his musical journey as a child playing the drums with his family at church on the worship team. It was there where he was first exposed to musical excellence, being taught by his father and led by his mother, who are both well known musicians and worship leaders in the community.

As Caleb grew into adolescence, he veered away from the church, and was influenced by the negative pressures associated with being raised in an inner city neighborhood. It was in this season of gangs, drugs, and partying, in which he found something that would stick with him: a love for hip hop and lyricism. Caleb started with a couple of local hip hop groups, and they enjoyed measurable success and popularity. Years into his experience as a hip hop artist, Caleb began to feel increasingly aware that his lyrics were glorifying a part of him that he was not proud of. Rapping about sex, drugs and violence was tearing down instead of building up. This conviction caused Caleb to put his passion on hold, and he gravitated back to the creator of music itself.

During this hiatus from (hip hop) artistry, Caleb’s faith in God grew stronger, as he developed an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. He began to get an understanding of the Christianity that he had lacked as a child years ago. He also went back to school and received a Bachelors degree from the adult studies program at Eastern Nazarene College. God gradually rekindled his passion for music, and Caleb started attending church to play the drums and lead worship with his family. He now creates music infused with his experiences in the church, the streets, and his education. He is grateful that God allows him to give back with his gift, and build up rather than tear down.

When you mix hip hop, gospel, R&B, and contemporary live music, you get a One of a Kind, unique sound. The One of a Kind was Caleb’s first project under this reformed cover, and that is currently the music that Caleb continues to make.