For fans of:Bauhaus, The Cure, Japan, David Bowie

We formed Exogen in the sweltering heat of June 2008 in scenic and stylish Düsseldorf. After a number of highly productive songwriting sessions we're happy to report that we've nearly finished our labour of love of a debut album 'Library of Light'. It's a kaleidoscope of eighties music featuring a range of styles inspired by the compelling guitar-based hymns of the Chamaeleons, Siouxsie and Peter Murphy, by the avantgarde epics of Bauhaus, The Associates and Magazine, by the carefree, tongue-in-cheek, but sometimes melancholy paeans to modern life of ABC, Roxy Music and Steve Harley, and of course the exotic stylishness of Japan, Bowie and Sakamoto. Rest assured that we do not simply imitate or iterate, we quote, we put things in a new light, taking things further with a dose of 21st Century sensibility. We also read between the lines of the works of our afore-mentioned heroes and add in our modest way to their continuing story! Please listen and enjoy! You can download a selection of songs from the Indiestore player and do us a good turn by buying a download! Thanks in advance! Your Volker, Olaf and Lucian of Exogen. We do all our songwriting together. Volker Rohde, the initiator and producer of the band is an experienced singer-songwriter with 2 CD albums with his former Goth band IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI under his belt. He also is currently working on a project called MAVOVOMA: electronic pop duo with captivating vocals by Marion Strehlow, a renowned Düsseldorf fashion designer, for whom he also composes and produces the music for fashion shows. Olaf Rick, bassist, is a DJ of some renown as he has been working for the most important cult Gothic, New Wave and Minimalist Electronic clubs in the Rhein-Ruhr conurbation (Düsseldorf/Duisburg/Essen/Bochum etc.) such as Exx, Zwischenfall, Unit Club, E-dry, Plastique and Zeche Carl for the past 20 years. He has also organised legendary concerts for bands such as Deine Lakaien (first live gig ever), Das Ich, Mephisto Waltz, Chamaeleons, Love Like Blood, Sleeping Dogs Wake, Die Form to name a few… Lucian Zäyn, singer and songwriter of exotic non-German extraction, hailing from Manila and of Spanish-Chinese-Filipino ancestry, is a multimedia artist with a number of CD releases. He produces songs in a number of projects with science-fiction themes (anime, cyberspace novels, german Expressionist films, Cthulhu mythos, kaiju eiga, british Supermarionation) in 7 languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, German and Filipino).