For fans of:grace jones, NIN, al jarreau, janet., prince

I decided to do the unthinkable. after living my life based around fear and one unfortunate situation, I decided to leap. I took my vivid dreams and nightmares and made paintings. without the actual skills to paint, these paintings are unlike many others. I've toiled, I've troubled...I've used every ounce magic I could muster and made my dreams and nightmares, my paintings into music.

I present to you: me. in the #FLESH. this first project, this introduction is the key to unlocking the next level. these TEN songs are all about embracing our natural selves and then, realizing our errors because of our natural selves, only to comee to terms with our flaws. the duality of each of the songs, the relevance to society today, this project isn't about nudity or sexuality or risk...

...this project is about being.

join me. I'll introduce you to the world of #the33. something new, something fresh. something physical for the spiritual.