Kingz Kidz

For fans of:Lecrae, Flame, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Saylah

Fidel(King Fi) and Dwayne(King David) met each other at their church Rohi Temple of Reconciliation. They were both still young in the Lord and searching for their purpose in life. One day the Lord gave Dwayne a vision of him on stage at church rapping in front of a large crowd. Soon after, Dwayne started seeking the Lord, asking him to fully reveal the vision he had given him. Two years later while Dwayne was telling his Pastor about the vision, Fidel told them about a dream he had of being on stage rapping at church. This became confirmation for both of them that their purpose was to minister to others through music. Despite not really knowing each other or how to make music, one month later they performed their first song “The vision and the dream” on stage at their church. Since then they have been obediently making the music the Lord puts on their hearts. They both know the Lord has called them to minister to others through music and believe the Lord will use their music to draw many to Christ with the purpose of saving souls and glorifying God!