Los Diablos

For fans of:Wilco, Ryan Adams, Drive-By Truckers, The Replacements, Lucinda Williams
In a place that has become increasingly unfriendly to original, nonmainstream country music, this band of hard-bitten, seen-and-done-it-all musicians is forcing even roots-averse music fans to take notice. During the past year, Los Diablos has filled clubs typically reserved for scabrous punk bands and by-the-book rock artists. This is partly because the members of Los Diablos – Dubin, guitarist Jorge Hernandez, bassist Will Trev, steel guitarist Tom Stankus and drummer Chino Leon – cut their teeth in some of these clubs playing in snidely named bands such as The Johnsons, The Comatones, The Holy Terrors and The Pookiesmackers. But it’s mainly because the music of Los Diablos is bracingly authentic. Los Diablos plays somebody-done-somebody-wrong songs, and in most of these compositions -- which marry the exposed-nerve energy of classic punk rock with the clear-eyed worldview of old-time country. As the old song goes, if that ain’t country, you can kiss my ass.