Dave Schipper

For fans of:Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffett, John Prine, Greg Brown
Dave's mid-life crisis was not women and fast cars, more new instruments, friends and songwriting. He came out of the basement to play at church, and then with the help of Tim Kolek one tiny step into bars and paying gigs. He, Tim & Paula are original members of great cover band Rose River, and later they added Shelly. He honed his writing under a pen name of Dave Zeman, and released a short lived digital released CD called Dave Zeman Gypsy Soul. He is a lucky dog because he books gigs and friends show up to help him out. He tried to the named the group, but the women agreed it should be named Lucky Dog. Mostly plays around Wisconsin for now; but if you like his stuff he'll stay in touch and give you more. Dave also runs a house concert series in Holmen. Four times a year he provides space for acoustic artist to play music for his 20-40 close and hardly known friends. Plus throw in a free meal, lodging, beer or wine... and it's a pretty highly sought after gig.