Mister Greene

For fans of:Wax Tailor, Pretty Lights, Bear McCreary, DJ Shadow, RJD2

Over the past two decades, Mister Greene has experimented with many different sounds, always seeking the tastiest tunes for influence, both modern and classic. It was this lust for music that eventually landed him a spot with a local band, where he not only used sequencers and turntables to enrich the acid jazz band's sound, but also gave him the opportunity to showcase his solo music in between sets.

The influences of the live music environment truly began to reflect through his solo work, having been given the opportunity to play a variety of instruments and delve into new genres of music. It was due to this unique blend of styles that he began gaining notoriety with local radio shows. Mister Greene currently has seven full length albums and one EP, none of which have been released commercially. A true independent artist, he continues to produce for the sole purpose of his love for music.