Reverent Worship

For fans of:All Sons and Daughters, Matt Redman, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham

The role of a worship leader is not to pick out songs that everyone will like. Rather, it’s the task of the worship leader to find songs the church can participate in. These songs invite our people to praise and react to the living God.

When we see something beautiful, we gasp. When something’s funny, we laugh. When something is sad, we cry… and when it’s painful enough, we even scream.

In a very real way, God created our voice to follow our soul. Our voice is an external reaction to an internal event. Through singing, and more importantly through song, we’re able to join together as a body. We’re pulled into an experience and able to respond to what God has done and IS DOING right in that moment.

Our story started as worship leaders in a church plant that met in a movie theater. We began to write songs we hoped would meet our people where they were. Our aim was to look at what God was doing in our community, and write songs based upon what we felt our church needed to sing.

The result was a fresh new way for us to look at musical worship.

You can download our music wherever digital music is sold.