Ron Benson

For fans of:Hillsong, BJ Putnam, Bethany Worship, Elevation Worship

Pastor, singer, and songwriter, Ron Benson has a passion to worship God authentically, and lead others to do the same. With energy and a gritty voice, Ron leads people into the presence of Jesus from a position of adoration, declaration, and boldness. His heart isn't just drawn to leading musically, but also serving alongside of those who have the same ambition to glorify the Lord with their God-given talents.

Born into a Korean-American military family, Ron grew up surrounded by multicultural influences, which developed many of the character traits that are seen in him today. From an early age, Ron attended a Korean Presbyterian church and was known amongst his teachers for having a "sensitivity" to the Holy Spirit. At the age of eight, Ron accepted Jesus in his heart at an old Baptist church and his mom can recall him declaring that he would one day become a pastor. It wasn't until he was fifteen, that Ron fully submitted to that tugging from God on his heart. It was then, that God began His transformative work, taking Ron into a life of ministry and music.

Ron attended North Central University in downtown Minneapolis, MN, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry and a minor in Biblical Studies. Though music was still merely a hobby he found joy in, Ron also studied music theory, received guitar lessons, and engaged in vocal training. He was involved with churches throughout his college years, where he consistently led worship or was asked to play at events and special occasions. With no intent to pursue music as a career, Ron continued serving in the church, primarily as a youth pastor.

After graduating from college in 2010, Ron accepted a pastoral position for student ministry in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. Over the next few years of ministry, he and others around him began to see where his potential of effectiveness truly lied; in the form of music and leading people into worship. And in 2014, Ron took the step from doing music as hobby and part-time, to serving in a full-time capacity. God has given him a platform to lead thousands of people in worship and song on a daily and weekly basis. Over the years, Ron has also performed live with Christian artists such as Ricardo Sanchez, Sarah Kelly, Anthony Evans, Christian Hip-Hop group, Metanoiz, and the Hispanic Christian group, Kairos.

Ron serves as a worship arts director at Epic Church in Philadelphia, PA and is married to his gorgeous bride, Leanne. Together, they have two children, Adam and Grace, and are blessed with a K-9 companion, Sadie.