Rob Rainwater

For fans of:Tom Petty, Chris Stapelton, The Milk Carton Kids

Rob Rainwater is a prolific songwriter, a masterful guitarist and mandolinist, a session musician, a music teacher, and at times, a bit of a stand-up comic once he takes the stage. Drawing on a background steeped in blues, folk, classic rock, and bluegrass, Rob creates a rich mix of originals and classic covers songs. His songwriting comes from the heart, telling both autobiographical and fictional accounts of a man who emerged from a battered beginning and fought internally to discover his source of joy and hope as an adult. Rob is a man who has earned his right to sing the blues, and he can wail with the best of them. Then in the next turn, he'll share a song that points to a silver lining, a lesson learned, a truth accepted. Rob is a genuine people-person, a tender-hearted creative, and his passion is to express his experience through music and hear others' stories, too. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Rob performs as a solo act, with the Rob Rainwater band, and in a popular singer/songwriter duo act called The Whiskey Darlings (a collaboration with local singer Michele Van Kleef). He entertains audiences at venues throughout the Pacific Northwest, including festivals, summer park concerts, wineries, restaurants, weddings, and private parties. Rob loves the magic of live performance, and the interaction with his audience. Additionally, Rob has played live and recorded with many outstanding artists including Scott Brockett, Andrew Paul Woodworth, Tyler Stenson, Jean Pierre-Garau, Carl Smith, Steve Hale, Norman Sylvester, Amber Sweeney, Redwood Son, and John Rankin. In 2013, Rob released a solo album titled "About : Time." In the same year, his songwriting debuted nationally in a film called "Welcome to Inspiration." In 2014, Rob's music was featured in the Fertile Ground Festival's world premiere of "Remme's Run." In 2015, Rob's duo project known as The Whiskey Darlings released its first album, "Live Sessions." In 2016, The Whiskey Darlings released a holiday album called "Christmas Songs." With the Help of Portland based Producer Kevin Hahn Rob Produced the Whiskey Darlings Sophomore Album "The Weight of Time" released in April of 2018, and is currently in per-production for his second Solo Album due out in 2019.