Maine Senate Candidate Tries to Insult Socialists on Twitter, Gets Owned

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Maine Senate Candidate Tries to Insult Socialists on Twitter, Gets Owned

Somehow, this is not the first time we have featured no-hope Maine Senate candidate Eric Brakey on this site. Last month, we ran a piece on the opponents of Sen. Angus King, the independent incumbent who is 100% going to win his re-election bid in 2018. In it, we profiled his, um, unique opponents. The Democrat was a terrible country music singer, but it was the Republican, current state senator Eric Brakey, who stole our hearts with this video:

Brakey is back today, because you cannot keep an idiot down. Sunday evening, he tweeted out a question to his followers:

There are 3 choices for #Maine people to select from this November in the race for United States #Senate. Which do you choose? #Socialism? #Corporatism? Or #Liberty?

It’s sort of hard to tell because of the way he formatted the question, but I think what he meant was that the Democrat was the socialist, Angus King is the corporatist, and he’s the “liberty” candidate. Whatever the case, the response as of Tuesday afternoon has been hilarious:

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 1.37.14 PM.png

Socialism for the win! This sent Brakey into a bit of a Twitter spiral:

Finally, we got the inevitable “this is actually good” tweet:

Now, obviously a Twitter poll is the least meaningful political test of all, and we shouldn’t infer anything about the state of the larger country or even Maine itself from these results. Still, it’s satisfying to see someone who trots out the same old myths about democratic socialism—that it’s inherently violent, or that Venezuela, of all places, negates its value—loses his cool on Twitter after people refuse to fall for his propaganda.

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