FashionCAN Brought Warmth to Toronto With Designers’ SS17 Collections

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FashionCAN Brought Warmth to Toronto With Designers’ SS17 Collections

Last month marked the triumphant return of runway shows to Toronto at FashionCAN hosted by the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards in the newly renovated Yorkdale Shopping Centre. And while we’re getting ready to building up for what’s is predicted to be a very cold winter ahead, these talented designed are bringing warmth into even the dreariest of days with their spring and summer collections. Here are some new ways to wear classic trends (it’s okay if you can’t wait until spring).

Floral Prints


Floral are one of the most timeless prints in fashion. Over centuries we have it on the most delicate fabrics to the boldest psychedelic prints. This season, flowers are returning to the runway in soft, faded and feminine pastels from Stephan Caras or brighter and bolder dreamlike silk prints from Jennifer Torosian.

Patterned Strips


While the jury is still out if horizontal stripes are the most flattering to wear, we are seeing this iconic sailor print modernized with new horizontal and vertical patterns. These stripes draw your sightline to more flattering areas with their varying widths along the material by designers Bustle and Maison Marie Saint Pierre.



While you may have thought that you have seen almost every iteration of lace, designers are repurposing this delicate fabric to embellish their evening wear. Classic black lace is used in this cocktail dress by Lucian Matis to accentuate the feminine silhouette and figure. Whereas in this deep lilac dress from Narces, the lace is used on the entirety of the dress to add an effervescent texture to the material, perfect for spring.

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