$99 Flights to Europe Are Coming

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$99 Flights to Europe Are Coming

Flights to Iceland are about to cost less than most domestic flights in the States. Icelandic airline WOW air will start its long anticipated mega deal, offering nonstop service from Washington area BWI Airport to Reykjavik’s Keflavik Airport for $99. Better yet, the service will begin a month earlier than planned, May 8.

The $99 flight includes a seat, up to an 11-pound carry-on and even the taxes—makes you wonder where the money goes on some of those Delta flights. Like many airlines, extra legroom, extra luggage and pre-selecting seats will cost extra.

Be warned, the airline lacks any in-flight entertainment, so you’ll have to keep yourself busy. Also, there are no free meals—which may be a good thing—but you can easily purchase some duty-free munchies in the air.

Possibly the best part of the deal is the transfer option offered by WOW air. With hubs in London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Rome, transfer flights throughout Europe are aplenty. For example, say you want to vacation in Paris. Snag the $99 flight to Reykjavik, and then transfer to another WOW air flight to Paris from Reykjavik for an additional $80, making that a smooth $180 from the U.S. to Paris.

After opening in Washington, Boston seems to be the next spot. Let’s hope these deals can continue and maybe start some price wars to European destinations.

Tommy Burson writes for Paste Magazine, jokes and probably quotes too much Elton John.

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