5 Tips For The Evil Within 2

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5 Tips For The Evil Within 2

With the release of The Evil Within 2, it’s time to look at how the game has changed since the original and give some hints and tips on how to survive the new open world setting, the town of Union. Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your way through the game.

Mind the general rules of zombie game survival

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Chances are, this isn’t your first zombie game, and um, also chances are, you know by now how to play them. Many of the same exact rules apply here. Avoid making noise that draws attention, stay out of sight, move slow and methodically, and mind your vital stats. Sebastian has the stamina of a pack-a-day smoker, so try not to get into situations where you’ll need to suddenly sprint—it can be a challenge to balance rest and running in high pressure situations. Also, you can jump on cars, but the zombies can climb most smaller heights, and they can also follow you up ladders, so beware.

Get to know your surroundings and scout for resources first

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It’s probably a good idea to take a few minutes at the beginning of the game to get a grip on your controls and surroundings, as well as observe enemy patterns and test your boundaries. The Evil Within 2 is more open world than the original game, and this gives you a chance to survey your environment while keeping a fair distance from zombies and observing their movements and attacks. Once you have a good idea of their field of view, it will be a lot easier to take them down stealthily. And while you’re at it you can scavenge for crafting items before getting down to business and completing main and side quests.

With the new game setting and its more open world structure, you now have a comprehensive map, as well as a transmitter that detects a certain form of supernatural event known as a resonance point. Use them often.

Take cover

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With the limited ammunition and weapons in The Evil Within 2, plus the difficulty of the enemies, it really makes more sense (at least in the earlier levels) to stealth your way around Union until you’ve purchased some character upgrades.

Fortunately there’s a new stealth system that actually makes the game’s combat a bit more fun to play. Not only can you take cover behind and maneuver around boxes or walls or other large objects, but you can also hide in bushes to avoid zombies. Once you can see Sebastian as a full silhouette in the foliage, he is invisible. This can greatly help if you’re out of ammunition and going in for a stealth kill (as in the prior game, approach the zombie from behind to execute a melee attack).

Always know where the exit is

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It’s very difficult to fight off a zombie, or multiple zombies, in an enclosed space. Some scripted moments will make that unavoidable, but try to always have an out, and know where the doors and open windows are, in case you need to run. While there’s a means of jumping over certain objects, there’s no button dedicated to jumping, and no fancy pivot moves either.

When the zombies are dead they’re dead…but watch their eyes

Glowing Zombie Eyes The Evil Within 2 Tips.jpg

One nice thing about The Evil Within 2 is the zombies you’ve killed, as far as I can tell, do not respawn. This makes the game less repetitive and more rewarding. It also makes it easier to explore Union, which is actually kind of nice, if immensely creepy. If you’re unsure if a dead body will reanimate, try to catch its eyes from a distance. If they’re glowing red, don’t approach, and be aware that certain nearby events, like picking up an item, may awaken them.

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