How to Use Your Spring Break Buys on the Reg

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Outfitting yourself for the perfect spring break trip doesn’t always run cheap. The stuff that you thought you needed for discretely nursing a beer on the beach could just live in the back of your closet until your next beach trip. Let your on-point goods see sunshine long after your fruity drink is drained with these smart ideas.

1. Beach Towel as Yoga Towel


That stellar geometric print towel you needed for Instagram’s sake can make a few more appearances on your feed. Skip your studio or gym’s public towels and tote around your beach one for those hot yoga seshes.

2. Beach Tote as New Grocery Shopper


A good tote bag can be hard to find. If your new one is tough enough to make it through sand, surf, and live to tell about it—put it to use in your weekend farmer’s market runs. Give it a good wash post-spring break and use it to tote around producer, cheese and other local goods.

3. Romper Coverup as the Base for a Brunch Outfit


You’re no longer lounging on a beach chair under an umbrella feeling the warm ocean breeze. But you do have a brunch reservation. So slip on your romper or other swimsuit coverup, pull on a leather jacket or blazer and slip on some ankle boots to get your Eggs Benedict on.

4. Rubber Flip-Flops as Gym Shower Shoes


Even if you splurge for the nice gym for the sake of the luxury beauty products, (hello, Kiehl’s shampoo!), shower floors are still gross. Reuse your beat-up beach-to-cabana flip-flops as a guard between your feet and the icky tile floors. Then reuse the flip-flops again on your next beach trip.

5. One-Piece Swimsuit as Bodysuit


You can layer a bodysuit with just about anything, like cutoffs, high-waisted jeans, overalls and more. But a one-piece swimsuit will sub in easily for one for another use.

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