KFC Is Making A Horrifying Double Down Chicken ‘n Waffle “Sandwich” in Canada

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KFC Is Making A Horrifying Double Down Chicken ‘n Waffle “Sandwich” in Canada

Canadian fried chicken fanatics, your day is finally here. Not only is KFC bringing its infamous “Double Down” quasi-sandwich back to the Great White North, it’s doing so with a distinctly hackneyed Canadian twist. This new version of the Double Down, instead of being two pieces of fried chicken wrapped around cheese and bacon (the American tradition) will instead by found on either side of a Belgian waffle, and the whole thing is “drizzled in a Canadian maple aioli sauce.” Said sauce is apparently deemed a tribute (rather than a punishment) to Canadian KFC fans.

“The Double Down is our most talked about and demanded menu item in Canada, so we wanted to do something special exclusively for Canadian fans,” Samantha Redman, KFC Canada’s chief marketing officer, said in a release. “We know fans have been craving chicken and waffles on our menu, and we’re happy to provide this unique take on the trendy food pairing. The maple aioli sauce is a sweet nod to KFC’s Canadian fans.”

The original version of the Double Down was launched back in 2010, selling a disturbing 350,000 sandwiches in its first 10 days as American consumers competed to see whose fast food death wish could be most vociferously carried out. This version, on the other hand, shows up in Canadian KFC locations on March 26.

Aioli, if you’ve somehow existed entirely outside restaurants in the last decade, is essentially mayo’s more suave and cosmopolitan brother. It’s an emulsion that is made from egg yolks in the same way as mayo, but it uses olive oil rather than a neutral oil to create a more flavorful base. Flavored aiolis, looking more fancy (some would say “pretentious”) than saying “mayo,” have become fixtures on many restaurant menus, from burger shops to food trucks of every description.

We predict a massive letter-writing or petition campaign within days, as American consumers demand access to this new version of the Double Down. In the meanwhile, we’ll leave you with Patton Oswalt’s classic KFC addendum, in which he addresses the Double Down directly.

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