Pokemon Go Players Can Search for Mew in New Research Quests

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Pokemon Go Players Can Search for Mew in New Research Quests

Even though Pokemon Go’s hype may have died down, the mobile game continues to add new and exciting features, with the latest allowing trainers to embark on Pokémon research quests.

The new research feature will be broken down into two types: “Field research” allows trainers to enter a nearby PokeStop and gain research through objectives by battling or catching Pokémon, amongst other tasks, while “special research” allows players to make important discoveries through tasks given by Prof. Willow as he searches for the mysterious Pokémon Mew, the game’s first Mythical Pokemon.

Both types of research offer great rewards for players, including items used on the journey and encounters with certain Pokémon, like Mew. The amount of daily research tasks depends on how much the trainer wants to do, as the level of difficulty varies with the rewards reflecting each aspect. In connection with the field research, players will be given a daily Stamp leading up to a Research Breakthrough for better rewards and encounters with Legendary Pokémon once seven Stamps are collected.

With over five million daily users, Pokemon Go continues to grow and be a leader in the ever-evolving field of AR mobile games. Check out Pokemon Go’s new feature announcement tweet below, along with some teaser images.





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