The Band CAMINO Release Lively New Song, “Fool of Myself”

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The Band CAMINO Release Lively New Song, “Fool of Myself”

The Band CAMINO from Memphis, Tenn. have just released their latest single, “Fool of Myself.” The band has played the song live before and teased a clip of it last week, so fans have been waiting eagerly to finally hear the full studio track.

The group is known for mellow, vibe-y music and “Fool of Myself” is no exception. The track is embellished by some more energetic synths, but what stands out most are the contrasting lyrics. Comparatively scathing lines like, “You’re a much better liar than anyone I’ve met before,” jolt out of the track’s otherwise laidback atmosphere. However, some of that ire is toned down on the version of the song released today. Previous live incarnations feature the line, “Now I just need some time to—I don’t give a fuck anymore,” which is changed to “Now I just need some time till I don’t cry about you no more.” The censored lyric alters the emotion of the moment, and takes away some of the sass and energy infused into the song.

Thus far, the alternative-pop group has exclusively released EPs and singles, so what this new era of The Band CAMINO means is still up in the air.

Listen to “Fool of Myself” below.

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