Watch Joe Pera Explain Who’s Stronger: Goku or FX’s The Bear

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Watch Joe Pera Explain Who’s Stronger: Goku or FX’s The Bear

The suits at Warner Bros. Discovery might have taken Joe Pera Talks With You from us—and right when we needed it the most—but they can’t stop Joe himself from bringing his insight straight to the people. Earlier today Pera tweeted out a new video that aims to settle an age-old fan debate once and for all: who’s stronger, Goku from Dragon Ball or Jeremy Allen White’s character from FX’s hit TV show The Bear? And although you might think it’d be a close fight, it’s really not once Pera and his guest Professor Goku start breaking it down.

Pera’s love of Goku isn’t new. In a clip from the second season episode “Joe Pera Waits with You,” Joe uses Dragon Ball metaphors to explain his Nana’s hair salon, and later imagines what he would look like with Goku’s hairstyle. Yes, it’s hilarious. Yes, you should watch.

Both are also true of today’s video, which you can watch at Pera’s Twitter page or through the embed below. As somebody who’s seen all of The Bear but never seen any Dragon Ball (look, I’m old), it’s as enlightening and educational as it is entertaining.

Also, if you’d like to see Joe Pera and Joe Pera Talks with You writer Dan Licata (aka the classic rock DJ in the “Joe Pera Reads the Church Announcements” episode) live, they’re both on tour through December. Here are the dates.

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