Amy Schumer Tackles Rape Culture in Hilarious Friday Night Lights Parody

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One of the persistent debates in the comedy world over the past five years has been the question of rape: Is there ever a ‘funny’ way to broach this most sensitive of subjects? Some say no, but others maintain that if it’s clear the comedian’s heart is in the right place, there should be no limitations.

Amy Schumer clearly falls into the latter category, and she scored a direct hit on rape culture with a pitch-perfect Friday Night Lights parody on last night’s season three premiere of Inside Amy Schumer. Josh Charles (Sports Night) stands in as the Coach Taylor character—an outsider taking over a beloved football program, intent on shaking things up. This time, though, his mission is different: There will be no more raping.

The team takes it poorly.

“But coach, we play football!” one player protests.

“My team, my rules,” the coach fires back. “You don’t like it, don’t let the door rape you on the way out.”

The coach won’t budge, even when one player asks if the rule still applies if a girl is dressed as a “sexy owl,” or when two old ladies spit on his lawn in protest. Schumer herself appears as the coach’s wife, drinking white wine from larger and larger glasses, full of witty one-liners and the slow, sinuous, half-drunken dance moves we came to expect from Tami Taylor.

Check out the full video here:

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