The Funniest Grammy Tweets of 2020

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The Funniest Grammy Tweets of 2020

That most meaningless of all awards shows, the Grammys, happened again for some reason tonight, in the wake of recent allegations of sexual harassment against a former board member and corruption within the voting committees. What a bombshell—that the Grammys, the major awards show that most nakedly rewards popularity and commercial success over quality, and that’s part of one of the most legendarily corrupt industries in entertainment, might be a little shady. These things make the MTV Movie Awards look like the Nobel Prize, and pretty much are only good for getting made fun of. Even then, the very meager mental labor it takes to pay attention to these things long enough to dunk on them is an absolutely waste of everybody’s time.

Since the Grammys mean less than nothing, let’s finish up this intro by talking about something that is important: Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. The nine-time NWA World Tag Team champions are still rockin’ away the night within wrestling rings throughout the world, including at a show I went to in Atlanta earlier today. Not only are they keeping the eternal flame of rock ‘n’ roll burning as bright as ever, but Ricky Morton is probably the only 60-something man to have ever delivered a Canadian Destroyer on a much larger, much younger opponent. Sure, Robert Gibson doesn’t really do much beyond standing on the apron these days, but that was always kind of his job, anyway. Maybe the Grammys would have at least a bit of credibility if it booked the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express some day. I mean, if Aerosmith still gets a multi-song set at the awards show, why the hell not? And even at their advanced age, one last match between the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and the Midnight Express (even with Beautiful Bobby’s terrible health problems) would be more enjoyable than whatever happened on CBS tonight.

Anyway. Here are some tweets. They’re good. Follow the people who wrote ‘em. Give them your attention. They deserve it after having to spend however many hours watching the Grammys tonight.

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