Paul Loves the New I Think You Should Leave Trailer More Than His Mother-in-Law

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Paul Loves the New I Think You Should Leave Trailer More Than His Mother-in-Law

Frantic car confrontations! Hat antics! Trampolines! Pro wrestler JR Kratos dressed as a baby! A grotesque gremlin that looks straight out of Eraserhead! A pig in a mask! Emmy-winner Tim Robinson on a zipline! All that and more awaits you in the fever dream that is the trailer for the third season of I Think You Should Leave, which hits Netflix on May 30.

Along with the trailer, Netflix have announced a slew of guest stars on Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin’s utterly strange (and Emmy-nominated!) sketch show, including first-timers Jason Schwartzman, Tim Meadows, Fred Armisen, Ayo Edebiri, Mitra Jouhari, Beck Bennett, and Carmen Christopher. A few pro wrestlers also pop up in the trailer, including Kratos, former WWE star (and occasional AEW guest) Erick Redbeard, and Aron Stevens, who was a pretty big deal in WWE as Damien Sandow. 

Edebiri and Christopher both broke out on the kitchen dramedy The Bear, though loyal Joe Pera Talks with You viewers will remember Christopher from the memorable “Dave Wojcek’s Bachelor Party” episode. He’s also responsible for perhaps the best pandemic-era stand-up special, Street Special. It’s great to see Jouhari doing well post-Three Busy Debras (we will never forget you), and the absurdist escalations of I Think You Should Leave seem like a natural fit for her. (She’s also excellent in Neil Campbell and Andy Samberg’s Comedy Central show Digman.) Meadows and Armisen are the type of versatile comedic actors you’d expect to have been on the show already—though Meadows’ presence is typically and thankfully far less grating than Armisen’s.

The new episodes will also feature some returning fan favorites: Sam Richardson (riding high after the success of The Afterparty), Will Forte, Patti Harrison, Tim Heidecker, Biff Wiff (Santa Claus!!), and Conner O’Malley. Will the old man on the plane return? Will Heidecker rattle off the names of even obscurer celebrities? And what about O’Malley’s horny honking? Whatever these guest stars do, it looks like Christmas came early.

Check out the zany trailer for Season 3 of I Think You Should Leave and, while you’re at it, wait out the last few days before the new episodes with our ranking of every sketch on the show so far.


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