Watch Joe Pera’s Perfectly Timed New Adult Swim Special

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Watch Joe Pera’s Perfectly Timed New Adult Swim Special

Joe Pera wants to help. More than any other comedian, he’s perfectly suited to alleviate our stress and anxiety during these troubled times, and thankfully Adult Swim realizes this. Last night the network aired a new special from the star of Joe Pera Talks With You, and it might be the calmest and most soothing work he’s ever done. For a solid 22 minutes Pera talks softly over serene footage of nature and everyday life that was supposedly deemed too relaxing to make it into his regular TV show. During his pleasant ramble you’ll find out about his idea for a cable channel (it involves trees) and why Elizabeth Hurley is one of the only two essential actors today. Like most of Pera’s comedy, it is gentle and heartwarming, charming and hilarious. And it has a noble goal: as Pera says, “if just one nurse can come home and watch it to fall asleep, it’ll be worth it.”

Watch the whole special below, and track down Joe Pera Talks With You for more of this peaceful bliss.

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