Stephen Colbert Proposes “Million Meryl March”

Comedy Video Meryl Streep
Stephen Colbert Proposes “Million Meryl March”

Meryl Streep is the vital, beating heart of America’s Hollywood. She embodies everything we love about cinema, an incredible performer who takes her craft very seriously. Her addition to a project basically ensures that project’s validity. On top of her incredible talent, she seems a genuinely lovely person.

So not surprisingly, many of us were appalled, though not shocked, by Trump’s flagrant dismissal of Streep as an “over-rated actress” after her absolutely phenomenal Golden Globes speech wherein she called out the President-elect for making fun of a disabled reporter. Stephen Colbert expressed his astonishment in his opening bit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, calling for a “Million Meryl March” where he will be “the one holding the Blu-ray of Kramer vs. Kramer and weeping.”

Colbert’s gloriously dramatic rant continues with:

Meryl Streep, overrated? Have you seen Sophie’s Choice? Have you seen The French Lieutenant’s Woman? Have you seen the one with the dead people—she’s even funny in that one! Look Mr. Trump, you can refuse to release your taxes, you can call for a ban on an entire religion, you can play footsie with a dictator, but calling Meryl Streep overrated? No. Too far.

Check out the video above, and get your marching boots and “Million for Meryl” signs on the ready.

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