Five Star News: Comedy Central’s Review Is Finally Getting a Complete Series DVD Release

Comedy News Review
Five Star News: Comedy Central’s Review Is Finally Getting a Complete Series DVD Release

There all is not aching today, as Comedy Central’s cult-hit series Review is finally being released in full on DVD on Feb. 25 via Amazon, along with a multitude of extras. This long-awaited news comes to us from funnyman Andy Daly, who starred in the dark comedy as Forest MacNeil, the intrepid host of a show within Comedy Central’s show, tasked with reviewing life itself, to the frequent detriment of his personal life, dignity and general wellbeing.

This has been a long time coming, indeed—when we spoke to Daly in March 2017, shortly before the premiere of Review’s three-episode third and final season, there were no concrete plans to release the series on DVD: “I’m hoping to put a DVD out there and promote it, and I’m hoping that it just becomes as available as it possibly can be, because that will shape whether people discover it,” Daly said at the time, later adding, “There are so many outtakes and even maybe pieces of that pilot that may be interesting to include on a DVD.” That’s where the “commentary tracks, deleted scenes, extended scenes & outtakes” mentioned in his tweet come in, an exciting prospect for Review’s small but still-dedicated audience. Goodness knows what madness may have ended up on the show’s cutting room floor.

Daly also notes that the Review complete series DVD collection will be region-free, meaning there will be no regional restrictions on watching it, though it will be sold through Amazon U.S.. No word yet on a price point.

We’ll be celebrating this wonderful news with a tall stack of pancakes, then a wrenching divorce, then many more pancakes. You should celebrate it by revisiting Paste’s ranking of every Review review.

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