Hillary Clinton is the New Bigfoot in SNL‘s “The Hunt for Hil”

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Hillary Clinton is the New Bigfoot in SNL‘s “The Hunt for Hil”

Losing a presidential election changes you. Bob Dole found solace with Viagra, Al Gore with his sweet depression beard, and Mitt Romney just returned to cold storage in hopes of a 2016 victory that will never come to pass. Hillary Clinton’s coping with defeat by completely disappearing outside of a few shadowy, mysterious sightings in the woods of Chappaqua, New York. You’ve probably seen the articles and memes about the hikers who’ve randomly run into the former candidate, like a modern day Bigfoot in a pantsuit. Saturday Night Live riffs on this with “The Hunt for Hil,” a show we could easily see actually existing somewhere deep down within our basic cable package. Unless we get some unexpected news from those recounts or the Electoral College, this could be the final act in Clinton’s long career: an urban legend rooting around a rich neighborhood’s undeveloped hinterlands. If that helps her shut out the daily horror stories from the incoming Trump administration, maybe we should all go join her?

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