The Funniest Memes About Sean Hannity’s Ridiculous Clinton Conspiracy Chart

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The Funniest Memes About Sean Hannity’s Ridiculous Clinton Conspiracy Chart

Conspiracy theorists love their overly complicated flowcharts, so it’s no surprise that the far right media has a long, rich history of them. Glenn Beck might’ve become known for ‘em during his days on Headline News and Fox, but he’s not alone when it comes to slapping random words on a blackboard or screen and then acting like they all add up to some ominous plot. Earlier this week original Fox hack Sean Hannity (who’s like a human Shrek without the charisma or personality) whipped up a doozy about Hillary Clinton, clearly in a bid to distract his viewers from the charges of sexual abuse and attempted rape levied against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who Hannity still supports.

Hannity’s basically been a joke as long as he’s been at Fox, but he’s a joke with a massive following and extreme influence over the right-wing base. He’s peddled conspiracy theories for over two decades on his TV and radio shows, but by slapping all this nonsense on a single (easily Photoshopped) screen he invited a level of mockery unusual even for him.

Eventually @francisc0ricard did the world a favor and posted a version of the photo with all the text removed.

And thus opened the floodgates of Hannity-savaging nonsense. This is where this particular fad transcended from mere Twitter goofs to a contender for best meme of the month.

You can find far more of these on Twitter if you just search “Hannity chart,” assuming you, like us, will be forever interested in people treating leaky sacks of garbage like Hannity with the utter disrespect they deserve.

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