Tim Heidecker Is On Trial For Murder in Adult Swim’s Latest Web Stunt

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Tim Heidecker Is On Trial For Murder in Adult Swim’s Latest Web Stunt

Adult Swim’s On Cinema has been giving us a brilliantly strange satire of Siskel & Ebert-style public access movie review programs for a while now, and like any program related to Tim & Eric co-creator Tim Heidecker, you can always assume one constant: It’s always going to get weirder. Case in point, the latest wrinkle in the evolving story of On Cinema, which sees Tim on trial for murder. Adult Swim has released the above promo video for the event, which will unfold in the coming days on adultswim.com. The “trial” of Tim will begin at 11 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Nov. 15.

“The People of California vs. Timothy R. Heidecker” revolves around 20 counts of second degree murder, which stem from (fictitious) deaths that “occurred at Mr. Heidecker’s now infamous Electric Sun Desert Music festival, where it is alleged Mr. Heidecker distributed deadly vape pens.” The trial will be broadcast daily, starting on Nov. 15 and continuing on Friday, Nov. 17, Monday, Nov. 20 and Tuesday, Nov. 21.

Heidecker, as seen in the video above, is fighting said charges, pinning them on the mysterious and nefarious character known as “Dr. San.” To that end, he has released an in-character statement about the charges and the trial, which you can read below. The last week also has seen the announcement of the release of an album of Heidecker-penned and performed anti-Trump songs, known as Too Dumb for Suicide: Tim Heidecker’s Trump Songs.

ON NOVEMBER 15th The State of California will begin their trial against me for the crime of 2nd Degree murders of 20 people; Crimes which, simply put, I did not do. I am being framed for crimes I did not commit, simply to save the face of the disgusting and incompetent First Responders as well as the DA and Police Department of Apple Valley and San Bernardino County. District Attorney Vincent Rosetti will use every trick in his book to try and paint me as a guilty man, but I am confident that my attorney, Mark Dwyer esq. is a ROCK STAR and will DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE at which point the jury will have to find me innocent.

We all know who bears responsibility for these crimes (Dr. San, the kids’s own lack of responsibility and good judgement, the EMS and first responders etc…) So we look forward to a speedy trial, a verdict of INNOCENCE at which point, I will be able to move on with my life, unfreezing the funds which will allow me to start the ElectricSun20 Foundation, which will give kids new opportunities!

The Judge has decided to allow The Trial to be televised and the website adultswim.com will be broadcasting each day’s events later in the evening. Stay tuned for more information. You may also follow @NewsAppleValley on Twitter for more information about the upcoming trial.


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