Comics We’re Excited About for 12/23/2015

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We’re happy to announce that, in a valiant effort that lasted between the late hours of Thursday evening and earlier this morning, Assistant Comics Editor Tyler R. Kane broke the suction between his own eyes and local screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in order to compile this article. And his timing is pretty good. After all, it’s about to be Christmas time, which is great news for comic readers who celebrate those kinds of things. Beyond our favorite comics of the year, our favorite comics covers of the year, and our favorite comics gifts of the year, these beautiful books remind us that our weekly pull-lists are like mini-Christmases every week—except you have to pay for the Christmas, and your “gifts” wind up in long- and short-comic cases, occupying space that some believe might be better for, say, a pool table. Or a TV. Or a refrigerator.

But The Paste Comics Team never lets things like that get in our way, and Christmas week for us will be like any other week: A decent one to stop by your local comic shop.