5 Decor Essentials for an Outdoor Room

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Your new favorite bonus room is outdoors. Whether you’re dressing up a tiny terrace or flipping an unsightly backyard, here are a few must-haves.

1. Incorporate Container Plants


The easiest way to marry your outdoor living room to the actual outdoors is with some container plants.

2. Lay Down an Outdoor Rug


Turn a concrete slab into a sense of place by pulling all the furniture onto an outdoor-friendly rug. Just call it an investment.

3. Add Lights to Up Your Use


Don’t let the sunset foil your outdoor entertaining plans. String up lights, set lanterns on a table, or find another light source that works for your setup.

4. Bring in Other Indoor Elements


Make your outdoor room feel at home with the rest of your indoor space by decorating it, like vases, trays, throw pillows and more. At the least, bring some of your regular indoor stuff outside.

5. Throw in a Hammock


Guaranteed you’ll get way more use out of that outdoor room.

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