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Twin Peaks, the cult series from David Lynch and Mark Frost, is one mysterious beast. To its loyal fans, it defined a decade in just two seasons. And now that the show’s getting another run, it’s gaining more popularity than ever.

Set to air on Showtime in 2016, the third season promises to bring secrets new and old to the table. But what makes Twin Peaks so special to begin with? Apart from its inescapable storyline, the series has a grungy aesthetic that has inspired style from its original airdate in 1990 to now.

It’s one of those tricky style loops, though. You know, the ones where we’re unsure if Lynch was just ahead of his time, or if today’s trends are moving backwards (Black Lodge speak, anyone?) once again. Whatever it is, the characters in Twin Peaks provide a wealth of style inspiration – whether it’s Donna Hayward’s classic ‘90s style or Special Agent Dale Cooper’s sharp suits.

Read on to see how you can channel Twin Peaks style into your wardrobe.

10. Josie Packard


The owls are not what they seem when it comes to Josie Packard. While she comes with a fair share of secrets, she also comes with a fair share of style. Josie is classic – from her feminine white blouses to her authoritative oversized pant suits and pearl jewelry. But if you really want to take notes from her, it all comes down to her red lipstick.

For Josie’s pout, try Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lipstick in Passion.

Photo via Chanel

9. Bobby Briggs


Calling the ‘90s. We’ve got your favorite boy, and his name is Bobby Briggs. Laura Palmer’s high school sweetheart, Bobby gets thrown into the center of the murder investigation, and while I’ll always be convinced that he’s a softie at heart, it couldn’t fit his style better. Whether it’s his token longsleeved-shirt-under-tee or the way he rocks the around-the-waist-plaid, Bobby is the bad boy in Twin Peaks. And you know what? It works.

Channel your inner Bobby by tying this Stapleford Chico Plaid Flannel Button-Down Shirt from Urban Outfitters around your waist.

Photo via Urban Outfitters

8. Donna Hayward


From her effortless bob to her collection of patterned sweaters, Donna Hayward is the quintessential ‘90s cool girl. Not to mention how she wears bad boy James Hurley on her arm. Of course, it may have something to do with that sultry stare, too. From episode one, Donna is determined to get revenge after the murder of Laura, her best friend. And her pouty yet determined outlook only adds to her unstoppable style.

To get Donna’s look, give the Sisley Sweater in Color Block from ASOS a shot.

Photo via ASOS

7. James Hurley


When it comes to James Hurley’s style, it all comes down to leather jackets and motorcycles. Well, and women. Laura’s secret boyfriend as well as Donna’s real one, James is the singlehandedly bringing back the greaser. With a sultry stare to match Donna’s and an interesting home life, he’s troubled, suave, thoughtful and rebellious all at the same time, and all while rocking that leather jacket.

James’ jacket has a brown shearling collar that’s made for cruising the cool northwestern roads. For your own closet, we think the River Island Biker Jacket with Faux Shearling Lining from ASOS will do the trick.

Photo via ASOS

6. Maddy Ferguson


Though Maddy Ferguson makes her entrance a little later in the series, she brings with her memorable Twin Peaks’ style. Most notably are her oversized glasses. Maddy’s glasses can still be found on every stylish lady stomping down the streets of Williamsburg, or at least on their nightstand. Her red frames are often accompanied by an oversized blazer or effortless sweater. Of course, she gets extra style points for simply being Laura’s twin, ahem, cousin. But while she makes us miss Laura a little more every time she steps on screen, we think she has enough style for the both of them (sans plastic).

Maybe Maddy will wear these Page-Turner Round Readers from Urban Outfitters in season three.

Photo via Urban Outfitters

5. Dr. Lawrence Jacoby


When it comes to unique style, Dr. Lawrence Jacoby has his bases covered. Whether it’s his movie theatre 3D-inspired sunglasses or his wide-range of Hawaiian shirts or ties or suspenders or sweater vests, Dr. Jacoby has pattern-mixing down to a (mad) science. His eccentric style only makes him being Laura’s long-time psychiatrist that much more intriguing. But I guess we’ll have to get our hands on those tapes to find out more about that.

Put on these Large Red and Blue Oval Glasses from Etsy and you’ll be seeing like Dr. Jacoby in no time.

Photo via Etsy/Akujinscos

4. Margaret Lanterman, aka Log Lady


Let’s admit it. Twin Peaks would not be Twin Peaks without Margaret Lanterman, better known as Log Lady. Her log does not judge, and neither do we. Log Lady is both insightful – whether it’s in her clever episode introductions or general ability to perceive events through the log – and stylish. She, too, rocks the large red glasses like Maddy. Not to mention how many could probably attribute their love of oversized patterned cardigans to her. Whatever the case, the log speaks to it all.

Kikkerland’s Logging Off Travel Pillow from ModCloth may give you wisdom in your dreams, but we suggest simply carrying around to really channel Log Lady.

Photo via ModCloth

3. BOB


You may be thinking that you’d rather not look like the human form of evil, but BOB’s love of denim deserves a nod. An entity who exists more or less on human pain, BOB manifests himself through the hosts he possesses. And while he still remains with a wealth of eerie secrets (season three, anyone?), we can’t help but pay homage to that denim vest in particular.

Grab Levi’s Trucker Vest to get Bob’s look. Just don’t pair it with his characteristic long, gray hair.

Photo via Levi’s

2. Audrey Horne


Audrey Horne is a lot of things. Throughout the series, she demonstrates wit, allure and the smarts to back it up. She’s also always dressed to the tee, and not just because her father is Ben Horne of Horne’s Department Store. Well, maybe because her father is Ben Horne of Horne’s Department Store. While she does carry a certain air, it’s all in good taste. Some of her staples throughout the series include tucked in sweaters, high-waisted skirts and what we imagine to be a closet full of oxfords. Classic and elegant, Audrey.

A modern take on Audrey’s favorite classic shoe, these Elaina Saddle Oxfords from Bass will give you a leg up.

Photo via Bass

1. Special Agent Dale Cooper


Dale Cooper is a gentleman through and through, and his crisp style shows it. FBI Special Agent sent in to investigate the case of Laura’s murder, Agent Cooper takes the small town by storm. He’s accepted and loved by the town almost immediately, especially the swooning women. We think it’s due to his charmingly strange mannerisms and those suits. Whether he’s scarfing down a slice of cherry pie from the Double R or enjoying a “damn fine cup of coffee,” Agent Cooper’s style doesn’t change much throughout the series. Instead, it remains strong, with classic black suits, statement ties and that trench coat that screams, “I’m an FBI agent, a really cool one.”

For your own day-to-day, throw on a sharp tie like this ASOS Tie in Navy Stripe. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to carry a recorder around in case you need to make an important note to “Diane” either.

Photo via ASOS

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