Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice

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Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice

It’s hard to imagine a better way to enjoy a cool Autumn evening than curling up with a warm, comforting slice of gingerbread.

Unless that gingerbread was 15% ABV.Then it would be better.

Released on the first of October, Southern Comfort takes “comfort” to a new level with their Gingerbread Spice.

We got first dibs—a bottle of Gingerbread Spice the week before its official release date, and the bottle was almost gone by October rolled around. As its name implies, a strong gingerbread taste is at the forefront, with vanilla and cinnamon notes following close behind before finishing with a whiskey bump that lets you know you’re drinking SoCo.

Appropriately enough, it’s best served as a warm drink; heating the beverage brings out the cinnamon and ginger flavors, and the warmth further enhances the whole wrapped-up-in-a-blanket feel. We tried some of the recipes that Southern Comfort sent us, including our favorite, the Steamed Caramel Gingerbread (4oz Gingerbread Spice, 4oz half and half, 1oz caramel, heated), and they scream Autumn like a cornucopia stuffed with turkeys. The sweetness can be overwhelming to those without a sweet tooth, though. If you’re not into the sweetness, we found that mixing it with hot apple cider added a pleasant tartness.

Overall, Gingerbread Spice pairs well with the cooler weather. With a “To:, From:” tag attached to the bottleneck, the holiday-themed drink is designed to be given as a gift, but if you’re anything like us, you might end up keeping it for yourself.

Distillery: Southern Comfort Company (owned by Brown-Foreman)
City: Louisville, Ky.
Style: Flavored liqueur
ABV: 15%
Availability: Limited

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