This “Travel Decanter” Kickstarter Claims to Make Your Whiskey Totally Mobile

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Nobody loves travel gadgets quite like us boozehounds, do they? I guess it’s a function of the inherent difficulties of traveling with glass to begin with, but the number of products dedicated exclusively to keeping your bottles safe in transit is indicative of just how much we want to have access to our booze wherever we go. And this latest from Kickstarter might have just perfected the concept.

Meet the Travel Decanter, a double-wall steel tumbler made to protect a 500 ml decanter, into which you’re meant to pour some of your favorite wine or whiskey—or even a batched cocktail, should you be so inclined. From gadget-makers Aged & Ore, creators of the likewise very Kickstarter-successful DUO Glass, which raised $184,000 on the service, the Travel Decanter debuted on the site on June 18 and immediately surpassed its goal of $24,000 within the first 24 hours. It’s currently sitting at $124,000 and counting, with 26 days left to go.

This is of course where we’d raise all the most obvious questions. Like: Just how strong is this thing, really? The Kickstarter video includes the requisite, infomercial-style “you can drop it on the ground!” shots, but how well will that really work in practice? The company says the decanter is protected both by the steel exoskeleton and its own “borosilicate glass” construction, but are you about to trust the contents of a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle in there? Likewise, this feels like a product begging to get your bag flagged down by the TSA, even when checked. Long, metal cylinder in the middle of a suitcase? I don’t believe we need to go into detail on how security is likely to perceive that.

Still, the Travel Decanter does seem like it would have its uses within other spheres, such as hiking or backpacking, where one would be reasonably sure that the whiskey inside would be protected. Moreover, the steel tumblers double as drinking glasses, and even have ounce measurements inside them, which is a nice touch.

You can decide the Travel Decanter’s ultimate level of utility for yourself. The current price tag is around $44, and you can see more details here.