Satirical Instagram Pokes Fun at Gourmet Plating

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Satirical Instagram Pokes Fun at Gourmet Plating

Instagram’s food tag has become increasingly artsy, with chefs and lifestyle bloggers posting photos of tiny meals plated so daintily that you aren’t sure whether they’re actually meant for consumption.

Instagram sensation Chef Jacques la Merde (so Jacques Shit) helps you laugh at the trend with photos of beautifully plated pieces of junk food. In case you aren’t completely sure if the account is a joke, Chef Jacque’s satirical nature is solidified through the captions. Examples include, “UH OH BROS !!! DRS VISIT FRYDAY DID NOT GO WELL !!!! APPARNTLY I HAVE A PROBLEM W/ MY CHOLESTROL AND IM MAYBE A LITTLE DIABETIC !!!! SO I NEED 2 EAT LESS MEAT FOODS AND MORE LEGUMES AN HOLE GRAINS LIKE CORN, SOY AND TOAST !!!!!!”

Chef Jacque’s standout dishes include a piece of a Pop Tart, a dissected corn dog and a Lunchables kielbasa. Flip through our favorite photos in the gallery above.

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