New Trailer for Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever Remake Offers A Bloody Disgusting Time

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New Trailer for Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever Remake Offers A Bloody Disgusting Time

Cabin Fever, 2002’s fantastically awful black comedy horror film about a handful of kids that catch a flesh-eating disease, has gotten a remake and now we can finally pick it apart thanks to this first look trailer.

The reboot of the film’s original installment, which like its predecessor is directed by master of splatter-horror Eli Roth, follows five kids into the wilderness for a little vacation retreat. After one of them catches a mysterious (and super messy) virus, the remaining members of the group begin to worry about their own chances of survival. Spoiler alert: projectile vomiting blood and scooping out your own flesh doesn’t signal great odds.

The trailer feels a little more dramatic and a little less campy than the original, which may or may not bode well for the film’s reception. Eli Roth’s directorial debut—based on his own experience developing a skin infection during a trip to Iceland—was a masterful execution of the genre mashup. Relying on our own sometimes irrational but totally natural fears of the relatively untouched environments we sometimes travel to, the film walked the line of absurd humor and downright dread.

The original cast was led by Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong and Detroit Rock CIty’s Giuseppe Andrews. The new cast, which features Shadowhunters star Matthew Daddario and Teen Wolf’s Gage Golightly, perform the classic insanity inducing terror routine decently well. Hopefully this film will be as much grossly ridiculous fun as the original.

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